Shifting from digital to imaginal

Depth Psychology

Dr. Anne Taylor is currently working on her upcoming book, Heart Coherence: Recovering the Imaginal Heart in an Age of Technology.

Dr. Taylor has been an Adjunct Professor  at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the field of Depth Psychology/Somatic Program.

Heart coherence building provides a non-invasive, cost effective means of significantly reducing stress, anxiety, and stress related depression which underlies >60% of all diseases states (AMA). Heart coherence allows the mind-body to bring itself into a state of healing.

Heart Math Coach

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful technology to change the pattern of negative thinking, which results in low heart coherence. Kundalini Yoga stimulates the vagus nerve and naturally generates high heart coherence. Skype in classes available, email for availability.

Kundalini Yoga