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Anne Taylor, B.S., Ph.D.

Licensed HeartMath® Coach & KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

11-Minute Meds™ / Kundalini Yoga

Is stress affecting your health, your recovery, your performance, or your level of joy?

Anne firmly believes that 11 minutes of dedicated practice once or twice a day will have profound effects on your health and well being, even more so that one full class once a week. Daily practice raises your heart coherence and the effects last throughout the day.

As a KRI certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, Anne quickly saw the significant overlap between Kundalini meditation techniques and HeartMath® technology. Both approaches recognize the Wisdom of the heart and provide precise road maps for getting in touch with it. This is a unique East meets West approach consistent with both up-to-date scientific literature and yogic healing methods that have stood the test of millennia. 

As every person is unique, there are many paths to stress management and building heart coherence. Anne and her clients work together to determine what course of action is best suited to the individual. The path can remain firmed rooted in the scientific or expand further down the continuum into the spiritual aspects of the heart and healing.

People who seek out Anne Taylor’s (B.S., Ph.D.) coaching sessions tend to be interested in more than stress management, although that may be the most immediate task at hand. As the sessions begin, people quickly realize that effectively managing stress involves learning to connect with positive emotions, which emanate from the heart center. Managing stress involves re-connecting with your heart and learning to tap into its unique wisdom and intuitive guidance--available 24/7. People who are looking for more meaning in their lives and a deeper connection to self and others are especially well suited to Anne’s approach and background.

Anne provides coaching/mentoring directed towards a smooth and efficient integration of mind and body and deeper levels of self, in order to diminish vulnerability to stress and illness. She does this using a powerful method she has innovated which emphasizes biofeedback training to optimize the rhythm of the heart beat for wellbeing along with use of highly refined Kundalini yoga breathing and mediation techniques.