“The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”
— Sioux Legend

Our vision at metaHeart Center is that the human heart is more than a pump, and that when you re-connect with your heart's innate wisdom, new paradigms of healing and transformation become available to you . . . and for anima mundi the soul of the world


Heart-centered living is a requisite journey of the 21st century if human civilization is to survive itself. The heart journey heals and transforms, not just the self, but also anima mundi, the soul of the world.

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As we "make room on the throne" for other branches of scientific knowledge, and experiential ways of knowing, we begin to open the doors of perception that hold the key for healing and transformation on multiple levels--personal, communal, and global.

 "Scientific method must serve; it errs when it usurps the throne"  —  C. G. Jung

"Scientific method must serve; it errs when it usurps the throne" C. G. Jung

The metaHeart Center offers three unique platforms, together called the “Triatic Heart,” designed to help you re-connect to your heart’s innate wisdom and inner knowing on how to heal itself. Some paths of knowledge may intrigue you, others may not. You may begin with the evidence-based “Coherent Heart” then explore the “Mythic Heart,” and ultimately you may be called to open your “Imaginal Heart.”

The Triadic Heart

  The Coherent Heart

The Coherent Heart

The Coherent Heart explores newly emerging concepts associated with the physical heart (soma) and inquires what the human heart is beyond the Western notion of a mechanistic pump.  This expanded understanding can lead to personal healing and transformation as well as the healing of anima mundi—the soul of the world.

  The Mythic Heart

The Mythic Heart

The Mythical Heart draws on depth psychological perspectives of the heart from mythology, metaphor, and Jung’s heart attack vision series. According to Egyptian mythology, Osiris weighed the heart of a person who had just crossed over against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of truth, order and righteousness. One might say that Ma’at was the goddess of “coherence”.

  The Cosmic Heart

The Cosmic Heart

The progression from physical to subtle physiology continues with the Cosmic Heart, where the spiritual perspectives from Wisdom traditions are considered. The seamless transition between the” three hearts” is bridged by the evidence-based biomarker, heart rate variability.

The boundaries separating the Triple Heart (soma, psyche, and spiritual) are as mercurial as the permeability of the membranes of blood cells; oxygen (fresh ideas) enter, nutrients are dispersed, waste products (old/outmoded thoughts) are swept away. This work is not intended to be dogmatic; rather, a fluid organic process of thought and experience of the human heart.

The isthmus separating the elements of the Triple Heart is permeable. What is part of soma is also part of psyche and spirit, and vice versa; the three artificial designations (soma, psyche, spirit of the Triple heart) are but different manifestations of one reality. What I have identified with the “Coherent Heart” at one time may be viewed equally well through one of the juxtaposed hearts, for they are all one, showing themselves as shades of one reality.